Performance Art
A Heart Freed

Laurana Wong - Pecha Kucha Hack You - She is led, arms outstretched and blindfolded, through a sea of audience

Hack You

How to use performance art to shift consciousness, to increase awareness, and to explore life. How to use performance art as a medium to transform self. At PechaKucha Dayton.

Laurana Wong - The Surrealist Ball - She stands before a background embrace, in a state of pure love; showing them her portal to the divine

The Surrealist Ball

In 2015, Grass Roots Enrichment and Wellness Center hosted the first of a series of adventurous fundraisers called The Surrealist Ball. It was a re-creation of the famous Rothschild Surrealist Ball from 1972. Performance art was a huge part of the original Surrealist Ball, and it was a huge part of our incarnation as well. For it, I played a portal to the divine; a galaxy of welcome to connect patrons to other worlds through the interactive sharing of my most feminine presence.

Laurana Wong - Artists: Laurana Wong - She stands in a half-dance, fingers splayed, feeling out the wall of her stark white studio; a heart floats near the window, out of reach

Artists: Laurana Wong

Photographer Alex Grodkiewicz was starting a photoblog about Dayton artists and asked if I'd like to meet with him for an interview. I did, and it was a joy. The photo blog from our interview is on Alex's website, A.G. Photography.

Laurana Wong - Spirits Never Die - He cowers as death looms above him, her fingers outstretched

Spirits Never Die

A musical play that combines song, narrative, visuals, and poetry to tell how spiritual connections transcend death.

with Adam Elfers and Moriah Haven

Laurana Wong - Dia De Los Muertos - Arms outstretched and raised to the sky, she is the Raven, bringing change through death

Dia de los Muertos

Every year, Missing Peace Art Space hosts Dia de los Muertos, a huge parade and celebration to remember the deaths and lives of loved ones. For their festival in 2014, I played the Raven: harbinger of death and destruction, harbinger of change.

Laurana Wong - Performerance - The cards show 8 years past: The Lovers, The World, and The Star, in performance art.


Laurana Wong - Line Crosser - The rainbow string crisscrosses and meanders, winding around legs, around torsos, around hearts.

Line Crosser

Laurana Wong - Party Arty - She stands in the row of brightly colored gowns, dancing a slow motion dance for music education.

Party Arty

Laurana Wong - Decked Out! - The sparkling beastie crouches at her standing feet, beaming an upward smile

Decked Out!

Laurana Wong - Valentines Fundraiser with SMAG - The woman points a gentle finger skyward, her white gown burning yellow, orange, and red

Valentines Fundraiser with SMAG

This slow motion dance supported SMAG Dance Collective, a contemporary fusion dance company in downtown Dayton. I donated gift certificates to their silent auction and offered a Living Dance Sculpture to atendees. I was the heart-winged Phoenix, rising white from the flames of her Burning Wedding.

Laurana Wong - Toxic - She cranes forward to lick the desire from her fingertips, her skin pallid with fear and her eyes black with disease


Laurana Wong - Ending Homelessness With Homefull - Her arms stretch up and out of the flower of colored newsprint, her gown's train tumbling down the grand stair

Ending Homelessness with Homefull

Laurana Wong - Promotional Performance with the Dayton Ballet - She reaches out with one arm, smiling; the eye of a peacock feather hiding one eye

Promotional Performance
with the Dayton Ballet

Laurana Wong & Adam Elfers - Look How It Comes - Her silhouette is dark against the ominous sky, arms stretching and overlapping in nature's dance

Look How It Comes

with Adam Elfers

Laurana Wong & Natalie Hoffmann - Dividing Lines - The scissors are just about to cut the red ribbon that hides her eyes

Dividing Lines

with Natalie Hoffmann

Laurana Wong - The Problem with Being Mortal - Surrounded by flashes of light, she bows toward the mass of watching people

The Problem With Being Mortal

Laurana Wong - The Power of Perception - Two men, a car, a house, and a pile of money await her at the end of four strings.  She pulls one in, and it closes the cage

The Power of Perception

Laurana Wong & Gladgirl - Medicine - She lines up hearts on the windowsill over the city, the lavender veil whispering around her


with Gladgirl

Laurana Wong & Adam Elfers - 1+1=1 - The two silhouettes face off inside the bleeding heart


with Adam Elfers

Laurana Wong - The Cocoon - She drags herself facedown across the wooden floor, leaving a trail of placenta behind

The Cocoon

Laurana Wong - Affectation - She dances with the tree branch wands, sending purple and blue wisps above her


Laurana Wong - Gem City Rollergirl - She took down the biggest of them all, with a smile on her face

Gem City Rollergirl

Laurana Wong - Leggo My Ego Act One - She arches back in ecstasy, the rainbow of strings wrapping around her body and entering the audience

Leggo My Ego, Act One

Laurana Wong - Leggo My Ego Act Two - The white hot flames engulf the crisscrossing head of the wooden behemoth

Leggo My Ego, Act Two

Laurana Wong & Ryan McCullough - Milk Dance Call - He yanks on the rope that joins them, pulling her along as he dunks his head into the basin of milk

Milk Dance Call

with Ryan McCullough

Laurana Wong - My Plastic World - Masked and wrapped in the colors of America, she breaks through a human-sized box of polystyrene

My Plastic World