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September 2007

The Power of Perception

I originally intended this piece to be about control. That's how the wooden contraption came into my head. I wanted to physically represent how the exertion of control can have unexpected and undesirable results. As I built the machine and began to choose other props, it became evident that the piece was a story about me.

I used to work as an Electrical Engineer. I owned a house. I had 30 movie channels on my TV. I was an excellent consumer.

I supported myself by living a life that American society encourages. A "normal" life. All of the energy I used trying to achieve freedom was actually hampering it. I wasn't happy. I was inhabiting someone else's story. And I needed to escape...

Laurana Wong - - concept, set design & construction, costume, music, performance
Adam Elfers - - music, sound, production support
Scott Pedicord - - video footage
The Sideshow 2 - - community art event by the Dayton Circus Creative Collective
The Cannery in Dayton Ohio - - location