Performance Art
A Heart Freed

October 2013

Burning The Wedding

The ideas came. I saw a wedding dress destroyed, a wedding dress on fire. Knew that I wanted to dance to a song called "Toxic." Felt the desire to bring these things alive in performance... And then, I remembered how often my work tells me stories about myself.

I interpreted the meaning of these images, these desires, and listened to what they were telling me. They told me that I needed to let go of marriage. Needed to admit that it wasn't a viable option for my life.

As I sat with the idea, I felt wonderful. Blissful. I knew it was the truth.
It was a subconscious truth brought to the surface by the process of creation. Brought forth for my mind to understand and my heart to take notice

the deep blood red creeps up the white dress, turning orange, yellow, as the heat catches the white bodice and threatens to burn everything