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19 August 2012

Promotional Performance with the Dayton Ballet

As the crowds rolled in to see the evening's concert with the Philharmonic, I stood atop a pedestal in gown and glitter, Lady Gaga in Lady Liberty's clothes. I worked alongside the Dayton Ballet, who were there because of their recent organizational merge with the Philharmonic -- a one-of-a-kind merge bringing music, opera, and dance under one roof.

As the Philharmonic prepared to play, the Ballet presented themselves to Troy Ohio and to the Philharmonic's fanbase. They set up an information booth just inside the doors of Hobart Arena, to engage concert goers as they entered the show. I was hired to attract, to present a vibe, to facilitate the Ballet's efforts to expand their market audience.

The glass entrance doors flashed as people came in. I stood on my pedestal near the booth, wound by the key of intention, and played the part of a living doll: smiling gently, playfully directing my gaze and my motions to the passers by - - engaging, attracting, delighting them enough to cause pause at the Ballet's promotional table. I hoped to give the people something, a pleasant little something, so that when they were asked to enter a free ticket drawing, they would say "yes."

Laurana Wong - Promotional Performance with the Dayton Ballet - She stands atop her pedestal in gown and glitter engaging concert goers as they enter for the show

The Ballet worked the booth, gathering names and addresses, and I directed the incoming traffic, a peacock feather in each hand, guiding the music goers in for a safe landing.
It was a beautiful use of my skills, a wonderful way to create and to serve.
It was promotional performance.

Thank you Chris Shea, Mojgan Samardar, and the workers and volunteers of the Dayton Ballet!