Performance Art
A Heart Freed

Laurana Wong - Artists: Laurana Wong - She stands in a half-dance, fingers splayed, feeling out the wall of her stark white studio; a heart floats near the window, out of reach

Artists: Laurana Wong

Photographer Alex Grodkiewicz was starting a photoblog about Dayton artists and asked if I'd like to meet with him for an interview. I did, and it was a joy. The photo blog from our interview is on Alex's website, A.G. Photography.

Laurana Wong - Masquerage - Her rock star hand is up, topping the cake of a glittered soul, and dancing her way into the hearts and minds of the party


Every year, Equitas Health hosts Masquerage, a gala to raise funds for people affected by HIV/AIDS. So far, they've raised over $1,250,000 for their cause. In 2014, I volunteered to be a hot body for their event and danced the dance of rocking the star. All the "Dirty Little Secrets" came out to play.

photo by Scott Robbins

Laurana Wong - Home - Her form shifts and changes in dynamic stillness.


Laurana Wong - Habibi Dah (Nari Narain) - She arches slightly, arms raised at shoulder level, the undulations of her dance showing the curve in her side

Habibi Dah (Nari Narain)

Laurana Wong - Interview for Women and Dance in Dayton - She gesticulates, arms outstretched and fingers mirroring the intensity of her face

Women and Dance in Dayton

Laurana Wong - Street Dance Party - She raises her hip, bending forward slightly in the dance, a speaker at her heart and her head in blossoms

Street Dance Party

It was time, once again, to bring dance outdoors and into public space! This kind of dancing was documented by Christine Gaffney in our 2010 video collaboration, Street Dance. For Street Dance Party, I invited people to be part of the dance. We paraded the sidewalk, feet astride, weaving our dances side by side.

photo by Bill Franz

Laurana - Unraveling Dance with Every Tribe - The musicians inspire every move; Her head arches, and the gallery glows

Unraveling Dance with Every Tribe

Laurana Wong - I Only Have Eyes For You - She reaches her arms skyward and eastward in the white room wearing Marylin Monroe red

I Only Have Eyes For You

Laurana Wong - Raising Meals with the Last Waltz - She wears a crown of upstretched fingers, her bare back glowing silver in the spotlight

Raising Meals
with The Last Waltz

Laurana Wong - This One's for the Seniors - She kicks back and flies, weightless in the moment, the sepia tone matching the music

This One's for the Seniors

Laurana Wong - Somebody That I Used To Know - Hands clutching head, knee reacting, her mirrored image sees the side of her that is hidden

Somebody That I Used To Know

Laurana Wong & Gerald Stephens - Improvisation for Two - A road stretches back into the woods; A gentleman plays a tiny piano with his mouth, and she reaches skyward with joy, her leg kicking into an upward leap

Improvisation for Two

with Gerald Stephens

Laurana Wong & Christine Gaffney - Street Dance - The double yellow lines say 'do not cross' as she punch-steps, between the cars, in the middle of the street

Street Dance

with Christine Gaffney

Laurana Wong - Hand Dance - The tanned fingers stretch and curve, dancing one atop one another in white room

Hand Dance

Laurana Wong - Creep Dance - One by one, four of her, in orange freezeframe, gyrate in the darkness

Creep Dance

Laurana Wong - A Face Dance in Freeze Frame - A waterfall of white cascades over her shoulder, lighting black curls and asking eyes

A Face Dance In Freeze Frame

Laurana Wong - The Romance in Sadness - A shadow is on the hardwood floor, head in hands, framed by the light of an unseen window

The Romance In Sadness

Laurana Wong & Keith Allen - Modern Tribal - In the darkness, colored symbols glow, spiraling and darting, and describing a human form

Modern Tribal

with Keith Allen