Performance Art
A Heart Freed

Laurana Wong - Artists: Laurana Wong - She stands in a half-dance, fingers splayed, feeling out the wall of her stark white studio; a heart floats near the window, out of reach

Artists: Laurana Wong

Photographer Alex Grodkiewicz was starting a photoblog about Dayton artists and asked if I'd like to meet with him for an interview. I did, and it was a joy. The photo blog from our interview is on Alex's website, A.G. Photography.

Laurana Wong - Masquerage - Her rock star hand is up, topping the cake of a glittered soul, and dancing her way into the hearts and minds of the party


Every year, Equitas Health hosts Masquerage, a gala to raise funds for people affected by HIV/AIDS. So far, they've raised over $1,250,000 for their cause. In 2014, I volunteered for their event and danced the dance of rocking the star.

photo by Scott Robbins

Laurana Wong - Home - Her form shifts and changes in dynamic stillness.


Laurana Wong - Habibi Dah (Nari Narain) - She arches slightly, arms raised at shoulder level, the undulations of her dance showing the curve in her side

Habibi Dah (Nari Narain)

Laurana Wong - Interview for Women and Dance in Dayton - She gesticulates, arms outstretched and fingers mirroring the intensity of her face

Women and Dance in Dayton

Laurana - Unraveling Dance with Every Tribe - The musicians inspire every move; Her head arches, and the gallery glows

Unraveling Dance with Every Tribe

Laurana Wong - I Only Have Eyes For You - She reaches her arms skyward and eastward in the white room wearing Marylin Monroe red

I Only Have Eyes For You

Laurana Wong - Raising Meals with the Last Waltz - She wears a crown of upstretched fingers, her bare back glowing silver in the spotlight

Raising Meals
with The Last Waltz

Laurana Wong - This One's for the Seniors - She kicks back and flies, weightless in the moment, the sepia tone matching the music

This One's for the Seniors

Laurana Wong - Somebody That I Used To Know - Hands clutching head, knee reacting, her mirrored image sees the side of her that is hidden

Somebody That I Used To Know

Laurana Wong & Gerald Stephens - Improvisation for Two - A road stretches back into the woods; A gentleman plays a tiny piano with his mouth, and she reaches skyward with joy, her leg kicking into an upward leap

Improvisation for Two

with Gerald Stephens

Laurana Wong & Christine Gaffney - Street Dance - The double yellow lines say 'do not cross' as she punch-steps, between the cars, in the middle of the street

Street Dance

with Christine Gaffney

Laurana Wong - Hand Dance - The tanned fingers stretch and curve, dancing one atop one another in white room

Hand Dance

Laurana Wong - Creep Dance - One by one, four of her, in orange freezeframe, gyrate in the darkness

Creep Dance

Laurana Wong - A Face Dance in Freeze Frame - A waterfall of white cascades over her shoulder, lighting black curls and asking eyes

A Face Dance In Freeze Frame

Laurana Wong - The Romance in Sadness - A shadow is on the hardwood floor, head in hands, framed by the light of an unseen window

The Romance In Sadness

Laurana Wong & Keith Allen - Modern Tribal - In the darkness, colored symbols glow, spiraling and darting, and describing a human form

Modern Tribal

with Keith Allen