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September 2013

Ending Homelessness With Homefull

The gala rang out, shiny and golden, and brought in thousands of dollars in help.

As the guests arrived, we performed throughout the great halls of the Dayton Art Institute. We welcomed them into the night's festivities and the night's cause. We all came to support Homefull and their mission to end homelessness.

This Christmas, many families will be sheltered by the funds raised here:

[ PHOTO: The curving spire of the DAI brings patrons in to the Gala ] [ PHOTO: A crowd, dressed to the nines, proceeds into the Gothic Cloister ] [ PHOTO: She stands, yards of blue silk trailing behind her ] [ PHOTO: She stands at the end of a 18-foot train of paper, her arms outstretched in a slow dance ] [ PHOTO: He stands, sea of blue trailing behind him, lit by a giant painting of a luminous face ] [ PHOTO: Her arms stretch gracefully from the bustle of her dress as she is framed by art ] [ PHOTO: He smiles, enjoying the sounds created by his hands on the guitar ] [ PHOTO: They have come to end homelessness, in grand style ]

I feel honored to perform in events like these. Something magic happens when people from all walks come together with purpose.

Thank you to everyone involved!
It was a privilege working with you ~

"25th Anniversary Gala" - - fundraiser for Homefull
Tracy Sarel - - photography
Rodney Veal - - performance concept
Darlin Lozano - - concept collaborator and costume designer
Laurana Wong - - performance art
Ellie Theresa & Michael Winn - - performance art
Quiterie Gianina-Gabrielle - - dance
Adam Elfers - - music
The Dayton Art Institute - - venue