Performance Art
A Heart Freed

Laurana Wong - PLAY


Laurana Wong - Pecha Kucha Hack You - She is led, arms outstretched and blindfolded, through a sea of audience

Hack You

How to use performance art to shift consciousness, to increase awareness, and to explore life. How to use performance art as a medium to transform self. At PechaKucha Dayton.

Laurana Wong - The Abundant Bohemian - Two men, a car, a house, and a pile of money await her at the end of four strings.  She pulls one in, and it closes the cage

The Abundant Bohemian

Joseph Downing made a journey much like mine. He wrote about it in his book, The Abundant Bohemian, in which he inspires and encourages the living of passionate lives. Joe thought my story might be of interest to his blog readers, and we met in 2015 for an interview. When I read the blog post he created from our talk, I felt exposed in the most gentle of ways. I felt understood.

Laurana Wong - The Surrealist Ball - She stands before a background embrace, in a state of pure love; showing them her portal to the divine

The Surrealist Ball

In 2015, Grass Roots Enrichment and Wellness Center embarked on a new adventure with their fundraiser, The Surrealist Ball, a re-creation of the famous Rothschild Surrealist Ball held on December 12, 1972 and attended by such cultural icons as Salvador Dali and Audrey Hepburn. Performance art was a huge part of the Ball back in 1972, and this was also true for the 2015 incarnation. For it, I played a portal to the divine; a galaxy of welcome to connect patrons to other worlds, through the interactive sharing of my most feminine presence.

Laurana Wong - Artists: Laurana Wong - She stands in a half-dance, fingers splayed, feeling out the wall of her stark white studio; a heart floats near the window, out of reach

Artists: Laurana Wong

I spoke with Alex Grodkiewicz in late 2014 after performing at Party Arty, where he was a resident photographer. He was starting a photo blog about Dayton artists and asked if I'd like to meet up with him for an interview. I did. And it was a joy. The blog from our interview is on Alex's website, A.G. Photography.

Laurana Wong - Spirits Never Die - He cowers as death looms above him, her fingers outstretched

Spirits Never Die

A musical play that combines song, narrative, visuals, and poetry to tell a Day of the Dead story about spiritual connections transcending even death.

with Adam Elfers and Moriah Haven

Laurana Wong - Dia De Los Muertos - She moves forward, wings curving behind her, skeleton floating nearby.  She is the Raven: Harbinger of death and destruction; Harbinger of change.

Dia de los Muertos

Every year, Missing Peace Art Space hosts Dia de los Muertos, a huge parade and celebration to remember the deaths and lives of our loved ones. For their festival in 2014, I played the Raven: Harbinger of Death and Destruction; Harbinger of Change.

Laurana Wong - Masquerage - Her rock star hand is up, topping the cake of a glittered soul, and dancing her way into the hearts and minds of the party


Every year, ARC Ohio hosts Masquerage, a gigantic party in the historic Montgomery County Roundhouse to raise funds for HIV/AIDS case management. So far, they've raised over $1,250,000 for this cause. In 2014, I volunteered to be a "Hot Body" for their event and did what I did best: used dance to give all that I could. All the "Dirty Little Secrets" came out to play ~

photo by Scott Robbins

Laurana Wong - Home - Her form shifts and changes in dynamic stillness.


Laurana Wong - Performerance - The cards show 8 years past: The Lovers, The World, and The Star, in performance art.


Laurana Wong - Habibi Dah (Nari Narain) - She arches slightly, arms raised at shoulder level, the undulations of her dance showing the curve in her side

Habibi Dah (Nari Narain)

Laurana Wong - Line Crosser - The rainbow string crisscrosses and meanders, winding around legs, around torsos, around hearts.

Line Crosser

Laurana Wong - Party Arty - She stands in the row of brightly colored gowns, dancing a slow motion dance for music education.

Party Arty

Laurana Wong - Interview for Women and Dance in Dayton - She gesticulates, arms outstretched and fingers mirroring the intensity of her face

Women and Dance in Dayton

Laurana Wong - Decked Out! - The sparkling beastie crouches at her standing feet, beaming an upward smile

Decked Out!

Laurana Wong - Street Dance Party - She raises her hip, bending forward slightly in the dance, a speaker at her heart and her head in blossoms

Street Dance Party

In April, it was time again to bring dance outdoors and into public space. My solo work in this form was documented by Christine Gaffney in our 2010 video collaboration, Street Dance. This time, I wanted to invite other people into the dance. I created a wearable speaker to share mobile music, and we paraded the sidewalk -- making friends along the way -- in an exchange of broad smiles and killer moves

photo by Bill Franz

Laurana Wong - Valentines Fundraiser with SMAG - The woman points a gentle finger skyward, her white gown burning yellow, orange, and red

Valentines Fundraiser with SMAG

In February, I hooked up with SMAG Dance Collective, a contemporary fusion dance company in downtown Dayton, to support their 10th Anniversary fundraising event. I donated gift certificates for their silent auction and did a Living (Moving) Sculpture performance. I was the heart-winged Phoenix, rising white from the flames of her Burning Wedding ~

Laurana Wong - Unraveling Dance with Every Tribe - The musicians inspire every move; Her head arches, and the gallery glows

Unraveling Dance with Every Tribe

Laurana Wong - I Only Have Eyes For You - She reaches her arms skyward and eastward in the white room wearing Marylin Monroe red

I Only Have Eyes For You

Laurana Wong - Toxic - She cranes forward to lick the desire from her fingertips, her skin pallid with fear and her eyes black with disease


Laurana Wong - Burning the Wedding - The hem of the white wedding dress burns ruby, flames rising upward into cherry red, orange, and candle-flicker yellow

Burning the Wedding

Laurana Wong - Ending Homelessness With Homefull - Her arms stretch up and out of the flower of colored newsprint, her gown's train tumbling down the grand stair

Ending Homelessness with Homefull

Laurana Wong - Raising Meals with the Last Waltz - She wears a crown of upstretched fingers, her bare back glowing silver in the spotlight

Raising Meals
with the Last Waltz