Performance Art
A Heart Freed

Sing Dayton

Sing Dayton!

with Bach Society of Dayton

Laurana Wong - PLAY


with Dennis Mullins

Laurana Wong - After School Dance - The children surround her, smiling, as they jump and wiggle to the music

After School Dance

Laurana Wong - Ending Homelessness With Homefull - Her arms stretch up and out of the flower of colored newsprint, her gown's train tumbling down the grand stair

Ending Homelessness
with Homefull

Laurana Wong - Dance Support - The couple is happy in their embrace; They learned to dance together

Dance Support

Laurana Wong - Blindfolded Adventures - He smiles as he touches the wall gently, unsure of what will happen next.  Laurana watches over him ~

Blindfolded Adventures

Laurana Wong - Raising Meals with the Last Waltz - She wears a crown of upstretched fingers, her bare back glowing silver in the spotlight

Raising Meals
with The Last Waltz

Laurana Wong - Promotional Performance with the Dayton Ballet - She reaches out with one arm, smiling; the eye of a peacock feather hiding one eye

Promotional Performance
with the Dayton Ballet

Laurana Wong - Promoting The Zoot Theatre Company - The stick-haired creature is press-lipped and droop-eyed while words surround her head

The Zoot Theatre Company

Laurana Wong - Founding The Dayton Circus - The roots of the black & white city span underground; The Circus logo: Connect.  Create.  Express.  Sustain.

The Dayton Circus

Laurana Wong - Starting The Dayton Sideshow - Come One!  Come All!  An Event of Grand Proportions!

The Dayton Sideshow