Performance Art
A Heart Freed

Sing Dayton

Sing Dayton!

with the Bach Society of Dayton

Laurana Wong - PLAY


with Dennis Mullins

Laurana Wong - Pecha Kucha Hack You - She is led, arms outstretched and blindfolded, through a sea of audience

Hack You

How to use performance art to shift consciousness, to increase awareness, and to explore life. How to use performance art as a medium to transform self. At PechaKucha Dayton.

Laurana Wong - Street Dance Party - She raises her hip, bending forward slightly in the dance, a speaker at her heart and her head in blossoms

Street Dance Party

Bringing dance outdoors and into public space!
This kind of dancing was documented by Christine Gaffney in our 2010 video collaboration, Street Dance. This time, I invited people to be part of the dance. We paraded the sidewalk, weaving our dances in and out, side by side.

photo by Bill Franz

Laurana Wong - Line Crosser - The rainbow string crisscrosses and meanders, winding around legs, around torsos, around hearts.

Line Crosser

Laurana Wong - After School Dance - The children surround her, smiling, as they jump and wiggle to the music

After School Dance

Laurana Wong - Blindfolded Adventures - He smiles as he touches the wall gently, unsure of what will happen next.  Laurana watches over him ~

Blindfolded Adventures

Laurana Wong - Founding The Dayton Circus - The roots of the black & white city span underground; The Circus logo: Connect.  Create.  Express.  Sustain.

The Dayton Circus

Laurana Wong - Starting The Dayton Sideshow - Come One!  Come All!  An Event of Grand Proportions!

The Dayton Sideshow