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March 2006

Leggo My Ego, Act One

The 7-foot wooden behemoth was attached to my body with a harness and a canvas shroud. I dragged it behind me for a while, vulture-eyed and snarling:

Laurana Wong - Leggo My Ego, Act One - She crouches in the shroud, attached to planks of wood looming over her

Resting in the shadow of the ego I had built, I cut a hole in the canvas at my abdomen to painfully extrude 13 very long and shiny strings from the opening:

Laurana Wong - Leggo My Ego, Act One - She pulls out a fistfull of colored strings from a hole in the shroud, a look of pain and worry on her face

As the colored mass snaked out of the hole and to the ground, I cut myself free of the shroud of my ego and offered up strings to members of the audience:

Laurana Wong - Leggo My Ego, Act One - She clutches a rainbow of strings that are tangling and snaking around her body

Laurana Wong - Leggo My Ego, Act One  - She arches back in ecstasy, the rainbow of strings wrapping around her body and entering the audience

Part of my method back then was to let the performance unfold on stage and in the moment. I never practiced ahead of time. As a result, this more complex piece was rife with "technical difficulties". I felt like crying afterwards and wanted to make a quick escape from Pearl.

Before I could run away in shame, I happened upon my friend Braille who's music graced the beginning of this piece. He reminded me of the title... I let go of my ego a bit more just then and realized that everything had happened as it should

Laurana Wong - - concept, costume, props, performance
Liz Landis - - production assistant
Kerry Brown - - production assistant
Braille - - music
Goldfrapp - - music
Mary Kathryn Burnside - - photography
Pearl Niteclub in Dayton Ohio - - location