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In-House Event Dancing

Dance adds energy and visual appeal to your event by complementing and enhancing the experience of music. Whether you want a catalyzer to dance up the party or a roaming performer to enliven the crowd, Laurana energizes and delights.

The improvisational nature of Laurana's dancing creates a dynamic, versatile, and unique performance. She dances to any genre of live and recorded music and tailors her performance to the needs of your event. If your event requires a roaming performer, Laurana also provides portable music via body speaker.

Here are examples of Laurana's dance work with modern music: Here are examples of Laurana's work with music from the 30s, 40s and 50s:

For more information or to schedule a dance near Cincinnati, contact Laurana here.

The base rate for this kind of performance is $60/hour. The total fee may increase if there are additional costuming costs or other special requirements. The total fee may decrease if your event is charitable or if your cause is close to Laurana's heart.

Laurana Wong - Live Dance - She sparkles in the crowd, a smile of joy on her dancing face