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November 2013

I Only Have Eyes For You

This dance video is a depiction of my work with Dixon Gallery and Gardens for their annual fundraiser, "Art on Fire." They were featuring hot air balloon rides in their front courtyard, and I was hired to create an artful vibe for the patrons waiting to lift off.

I developed a dance playlist for months -- combing the web for popular music from the 30s, 40s, 50s, testing songs in rehearsal to see how they would perform long term.
I ended up with a playlist almost exclusively about love. I found that only these songs had the power to sustain me for a long performance. **A super-long performance** (Art on Fire would require three hours of dancing.) And to achieve this kind of marathon -- to let go enough for stamina and grace to find me -- required the trappings of Love.

I took them with me when Art on Fire came, in all its nightly splendor.
It was a spectacle. An outdoor feast. A gala. It was also a milestone for me.
I was an American in Paris dancing with Glenn Miller and The Ink Spots by light of a hot air balloon.

By the end of it, my shoes were wasted. Holes in the soles. The concrete pavers had asked for a toll, and I gave it willingly - - happily shredding my shoes for this night, this dance. For my love of the music, my partner, the music, to whom I open freely.

I hope you enjoy this video. It represents months and years of dedication, progression, and achievement.
Thank you Dixon Gallery and Gardens for your support in sharing my Love... my Joy..... my Dance. And thank you, reader, patron, friend, for viewing it.

Laurana Wong - - dance, costume, videography
'I Only Have Eyes For You' by The Flamingos - - soundtrack
The White Room at Front Street in Dayton, OH - - location