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The Dayton Sideshow

(See the most recent incarnation of The Sideshow here.)

An Event of Grand Proportions to connect the local art community and downtown Dayton Ohio:

Laurana Wong - The Sideshow Press Release

You are in downtown Dayton. You enter an 8,000 square foot space in The Cannery.

Begin your journey in the main gallery to view sculpture and 2D art while live music plays. Weave your way through large-scale environmental installations and be enveloped by each artist's view of the world.

Stop at the main stage to enjoy a vaudeville act, watch a play, or be intrigued by performance art. Enter the screening room to sample video art. Mingle with performers in the crowd.

Guests will be bombarded with spectacle, sound, and vision. One evening buzzing with interaction, performance, visual stimuli, music, food, and drink.

The Sideshow is a community-driven event. We are a diverse group of individuals who wish to express ourselves to the Dayton Metro Area. There will be no monetary gain from this endeavor. The gains will be found in personal growth and human connection. The show will be supported solely by the members of our community.

The Sideshow hopes to expose the burgeoning underground art scene and interconnect it with the more established art community. We will bring attention to downtown Dayton through a grand-scaled and highly public display of the art that is so ripe in this town. The event will be free of charge and open to as wide of a population as we can reach. The guests will be at least as diverse as the artists involved. June 24th will be a night to mingle as a city and witness creation through connection.

Click here to learn more about this inaugural incarnation of The Sideshow -- complete with artist photos, bios, and samples of work. Click here for snapshots of the big night. See the documentary and the Dayton City Paper cover story below:

Laurana Wong - The Sideshow Dayton City Paper Cover

Cannery to Host Pantheon of Alternative Art

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