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The Dayton Circus Creative Collective

The roots of the black & white city span underground; The Circus logo: Connect.  Create.  Express.  Sustain.

The Circus is dedicated to building a nourishing environment that will encourage community interaction, artistic collaboration, and the empowerment of the individual. We offer a place to create, perform, and share freely in the experience of living.

We value the creative power of ALL people. Whether you sculpt, write computer programs, or make babies, you are an artist in some aspect of your life. We are all exploring our worlds, expressing what we see, hear, and feel there, and making choices that compel change.

The Circus encourages you to up the ante in the ways you create. We hope to inspire you to make something new. Something more complex. Something that shatters the expectations of what you thought was possible for yourself! We are here to assist.

The side of Laurana's face is lit with wavy light in a blue on blue room; Dayton City Paper, An Interview with Laurana Wong, page 1

Dayton City Paper
November 14-20, 2007

Running Away with the Dayton Circus;
An Interview with Laurana Wong

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Page 2
Arts Focus ArtsFocus
January 29, 2008

Interview with Dayton Public Radio
Part 1
Part 2

The words "The Circus" are tatooed in henna across a forearm that vertically spans the page; The Sideshow 2 Dayton Daily News Life Cover Story
Dayton Daily News
August 13, 2007

'Sideshow II' Presented by
Dayton Circus Creative Collective

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Page 2

Artwork surrounds a young woman looking thoughtfully upward; The Dayton Circus Creative Collective City Paper Cover Story
Dayton City Paper
March 28 - April 3, 2007

The Circus Artist Collective Takes Flight
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