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After School Dance for Kids of All Ages

The Value of After-School Dance

Dancing gets the heart pumping, the adrenaline running, and the smiles flowing. It fortifies the muscles and bones. It develops expressive, musical, and motor skills. Dancing builds self-confidence, self-respect, and facilitates learning[1].

Adding dance to a school day offers an alternative to sports, for kids who thrive on noncompetitive forms of physical fitness. Dance is also accessible to kids who are visually, mentally, or physically disabled.

What happens during After-School Dance?

As kid-friendly music plays, Laurana leads a 50-minute session of freeform movement, skill building, and dance games. The session is interactive and motivated by a fun and playful atmosphere. Students are encouraged to be active for the entire session at a pace suited to their current level of fitness.

About Laurana

Laurana is a Dayton-based performing artist specializing in movement, awareness, and health. Laurana loves to share her joy of movement with others. She has been on stage artistically and professionally since 2006 and has been facilitating movement since 2011.

How to Add Dance to Your School Day

Contact Laurana Wong via or 937 414 2413. Trial sessions are available for you to explore this program.

Laurana Wong - After School Dance - The children surround her, smiling, as they jump and wiggle to the music

[1] The Dana Foundation (2009, Oct 5). What Can Dance Teach Us about Learning? Scott T. Grafton, M.D.