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Winter 2012

Leila and the Second Skin

Thank You

Leila and the Second Skin, by Laurana Wong

a little stick figure slumps, head hung over and back curving drastically forward

Leila was the only human being in a seafull of robots

And she was running.  Always running

Leila runs from a giant blue hand made of smoke.  The fingers of the blue hand curve around her, threatening to envelop her at any moment.  Leila's eyes are wide and round with fear as she clutches the air before her with one hand, and protects her chest with the other.

Every night, She dreamed a telling dream - -

She was chased by a monster. She hid in the closet. And the monster found her there. Huddling...

Hiding behind clothes. Behind Boxes. Behind Everything

Before she went outside, Leila put on her second skin.

Her second skin was a special suit that protected her from the outside world. It zipped up alongside her insides, All close and tight.

It looked just like her first skin. Only thicker

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All of the handmade copies have been sold.