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The Living (Moving) Sculpture

Whenever you need an extra 'Wow' for your Gala or special event, The Living (Moving) Sculpture provides the mood. Laurana adorns your halls with a continuous and sideline performance. * A slow-motion dance * Settled in one place or roaming in the crowd.

A living piece of art to delight and welcome your guests.

Here are examples of Laurana's Living (Moving) Sculpture work:

To schedule a Living (Moving) Sculpture performance near Dayton, Cincinnati, or Columbus, Ohio contact Laurana Wong via or 937 414 2413.

The base rate for this kind of performance is $50/hour. The total fee may increase if there are additional costuming costs or other special requirements. The total fee may decrease if your event is charitable or if your cause is close to Laurana's heart.

Laurana Wong - The Living (Moving) Sculpture - She stretches upward, clothed in news, an abstraction of dots framing her pose Laurana Wong - The Living (Moving) Sculpture - She reaches right, her swan hand whispering thoughts of love